What are Instagram Mentions - Why are they important?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Are you an influencer? business? blogger? youtuber? Are you dumping your money on facebook ads, google ads, shoutouts and have little or no sales? We are going to introduce you to the latest marketing technique, Instagram Mentions.

Every niche has a competitor. Best part of having a competitor is you know the potential customers that might be interested in your brand! We believe your competitor's followers have the highest probability of converting into your potential customers.

You might ask "What happens when your competitor has over 10k followers? Is it practically possible to engage with every one of them?" NO! unless you're using a bot (which is very technical and expensive).

The best way is to tag (mentions) your competitor's followers on the comment section of your picture! You must be wondering how in the world is it possible to tag 1000s of followers in your instagram picture. This is where we help you explode your brand overnight!

We offer Instagram mentions services starting at $7.99 for 1000 mentions or $29.99 for 5000 mentions. We offer up to 1 million mentions!

P.S: 1000 people look at your post for only $7.99. Isn't that a good conversion?

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