Strategies to Make Instagram Followers Buy Your Product or Service

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Instagram is a great platform for building your brand and generating sales. A well planned marketing strategy and meticulously executed processes can yield substantial monetary benefits.

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Following are some valuable tips which can assist in making your followers notice your products and buy your services:

Impressive profile:

Prepare an impressive profile page which should reflect genuinely the purpose of your business and how it would benefit your followers and why they should maintain a relationship with you

Create valuable post:

To attract your Instagram followers to buy your product can be very challenging. It is therefore imperative to have a very well planned marketing strategy. The content that you post should be very impactful and penetrating. Endeavour to put forward those ideas in your posts that resonate with the existing trends. Make sure that the selling idea that you wish to convert into a sales proposition should be unique and different. And try to post valuable content around this idea to enable your costumers to develop a feeling that you deserved to be paid for it. Focus on what your customers require, identify their needs and ensure how you can uniquely fulfil them. Make sure your followers should be able to notice your products while scrolling your feeds.

Genuine and authentic post:

It’s always good to be your real self and not fake. Your followers and fans will always appreciate and engaged with you if you occasionally relate to them on a more human level. It’s an accepted fact that People always want to do business in an atmosphere of trust and faith.

Apply Transformation strategy:

Attract your Instagram followers with an approach to transform them into faithful costumers by making them feel that working with you will bring them peace and joy and their relationship with you will impart benefit to their lives. In this way you will be in the good position for making sales and thereby positioning yourself as a leading market authority.

Discount Offers:

Discount offers are a great way to influence your customers to buy your products because everyone loves it. This method is very advantageous in attracting customers to purchase your products .

Shoppable posts:

Instagram has introduced a new feature that can direct your viewer to your websites from within your post. Now your followers can directly proceed to your product page through your Instagram post. These are known as shoppable posts.

Shoppable posts are like regular post and difference being that you can tag your products in it. This makes it easy for your costumers to view your products in your post without the need to manually search it in your websites. Shoppable posts therefore provide an opportunity to increases conversion because that tag includes price and link to purchase that product.

Q&A sessions:

Try to educate your followers about your product by engaging them in a questions and answers sessions. This provides them an opportunity to get involved with you and also a thorough understanding of your products. This also helps you in knowing their preferences. Along with this you should also have a good customer support to enable them to make sure that whatever they buy from you will be backed up with requisite customer support