Instagram Stories to promote your business!

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  • Story feature in Instagram is one of the best tools for marketing your business on Instagram. It comprises of capturing and posting images and video content in a slide show format which remain for only 24 hours.

  • There are plenty of editing feature that allow addition of text, drawings and emoticons to images or video clips, which are useful for companies to prepare their advertising campaign for promoting their brand.

It is an authentic and great outlet for a broader and closer interaction with customers. It allows for sharing of more personal and engaging content that users love and want to look forward to.


  • Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platform with more than 200 million users. This provides a huge potential for companies and businesses to market their products and brands to a global audience.

  • The short duration of Instagram stories give opportunity to produce fresh and new material every now and then which leads to better engagements. The shopping in story feature now allow customers to directly purchase products from within the application. There could have been no better option than this for businesses today.

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  • Today Globally almost about 20 million businesses are using Instagram to create stories for propagating their brands.

  • Instagram stories provide a very good medium for the businesses to directly engage with their audiences. It has been observed that one out of five Instagram stories attract clients directly through this means. Have you been using Instagram for your business? Then you must be aware that new features and updates are being added more frequently now which has made it very popular with several brands.

  • Are you upset by a lack of Instagram likes and comments on your pics and videos? Then try showcasing a story. It will surely place your brand at the top of a user’s profile for greater visibility:

  • Instagram stories help in reaping the benefits of real time marketing because of the fact that the photo and videos in the story have real and contextual value.

  • The Instagram stories derive their benefit from the fact that they are available for a limited period of time (24 hrs) This provides businesses to devise continuously new strategies that can get better results. One example may be to distribute special offers or coupons as part of their branding strategy

  • Instagram’s research data has shown that the most viewed stories on the Instagram platform have been produced by businesses. Stories provide a quick engaging medium for a mobile experiences.

  • The ephemeral nature of Instagram stories provide a simple and less formal experience with more authenticity. For businesses and their products this makes their audiences discover their products much easier.

  • The Efficient Social is committed to assist you in the growth of your business through enhancing the presentation of your Instagram profile