Instagram hashtags not working - Fixed 2019

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

No Denying! Hashtags are the best way to grow your Instagram account. Users with great content can attract up to 80% of their new visitors using hashtags. If hashtags don't work, the only way to promote your content is to do a shoutout or buy ads. Isn't that expensive? Thats what Instagram wants you to do (primarily if you're a business account).

Why are hashtags not working

1. Repetitive use of same hashtags in recent pictures. This is consider as spam by Instagram's algorithm because hashtags should be optimized according to the picture. Never copy all the hashtags from your previous picture to your new picture.

2. Using banned hashtags. You can search for banned hashtags (Various Sources).

3. Using more than 30 hashtags. If you ever get a message (or remember getting one) "Couldn't Post. Tap to retry." That's the time when Instagram's algorithm bans your hashtags. The probability that your hashtags are banned is pretty high.

How to resolve?

1. Go to all your pictures, edit them and remove all hashtags. (This can be tedious)

2. Remove all hashtags from all of your comments in your picture. (Can be hard but it worked for our client)

3. Your account should have no hashtags.

4. If you're a business account, switch to personal. Sometimes Instagram bans your hashtags so that you're forced to buy their ads to promote your business.

5. Finally wait for a week. Post using your personal account and check if hashtags have started to work. If it does, switch back to business and be more careful now.

6. After searching endlessly, this was the only process that worked for us. We hope it works for you guys too.

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